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Changing the Wallpaper on Amazon’s Kindle Fire

2 Apr

My Kindle Fire Lock Screen

My Kindle Fire Home Screen

I want to thank J.D. at kindlecooltricks, for this very nice app. It is very stable and works well. It does exactly what is says it will do.

Sometimes, on boot.  My Kindle Wallpaper Changer, will lag for a few seconds, but that really is not a problem. In spite of the recomended wallpaper sizes, that have been recomended, all of the ones that I use are sized at 640 X 480 pixels and work very will.

Instead of repeating all of J.D.’s instructions here. I am including a link to his website. Just load it into the browser on your Kindle Fire and go there. J.D.’s instructions are very detailed, and thorough, and include screenshots on each step in the process of setting up MyKindleWallpaper.apk on your Kindle Fire.


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