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My Kindle Fire

2 Apr

My Kindle Fire Lockscreen

This Screenshot was taken by my Kindle Fire, with a little help from the Andriod SDK version r16. Did you notice that the Wallpaper is not stock Amazon Kindle Fire Wallpaper.

Like I said, stick around and I will help you to also make your Kindle Fire, truly yours!

My Kindle Fire Homescreen, Landscape

This is my Homescreen, everything happens from here. You have to admit, that this looks a lot friendlier than Amazon’s Stock Kindle Fire Homescreen.

With this Launcher, there are 4 more pages like this available. They can be reached by a simple swipe of your finger, either left or right. And there is so much more available with an Android Launcher like this.

By the way. My Kindle Fire is absolutely stock. It has not been rooted, nor has the operating system been modified in any way. Everything that I have done with my Kindle Fire, is by software ie: Android Applications that I have found on the internet.

You can do anything that I have done. And I will tell you where to get everything that I have found.

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